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What is Cotswold Escrow?

Cotswold Escrow is an UK registered Bitcoin Escrow Company. We are currently the number one bitcoin escrow site in the world. We offer a safe a secure platform for sellers to sell their items for sale FREE of charge and for buyers to buy those items while taking advantage of our 30 days buyer protection.



How does the escrow system work?

The escrow service provided on is an in-house service, we don’t use any third party to process any funds or arbitrate escrow disputes, cutting the middle man and saving our users money. Our escrow service offers a 30 days buyer protection and provides the peace of mind much needed when dealing with digital currency. Below are the step by step process of how escrow works:

When a buyer want to buying an item, they will be contact by email with information where they need to deposit the payment for the product that they want to buy it.

The buyer need to deposit the product price plus or 2.5% fee.

Once buyers receive their item, they need to check the pack and the product to see that is the exact like seller was described and to test it. After they need to email us to release the payment to seller.

If a buyer doesn’t receive their item, they can Request Refund and explain the reason for the refund and any evidence (if applicable). The seller will then receive an email with the details of the refund request and will be given 72 hours to contact the buyer or dispute the refund request. Failing to respond within the 72 hours will lead to a decision being made solely on the evidence that our support team has access to, which may result in the refund being made to the buyer.

If a buyer doesn’t release the escrow after the reception of the funds, the seller may contact them and give them 72 hours to release funds or respond. If no response is received the seller can contact Cotswold Escrow support and request an escrow release. The support team will contact the buyer and ask them to release the funds within 48 hours or open a dispute case. In the funds are not released within 48 hours and no response is received, the Cotswold Escrow support team may release the funds to the seller. Release funds happen’s at the Cotswold Escrow support personnel’s discretion and CrytpoThrift may reject the release of the funds if they deem it unsafe to do so.

If the buyer doesn’t release escrow or open a dispute case and the seller doesn’t request an escrow release, funds get released to the seller automatically 30 days from the date of the payment.



How long does Cotswold Escrow escrow refund take?

Cotswold Escrow Escrow refunds can range from 48 hours to 30 days. If an item is cancelled by the seller or buyer, the funds are usually refunded within 48 hours to the buyer. If the Cotswold Escrow escrow refund is disputed by the seller, then we are required to gather evidence from both parties before reaching a decision. Please do not contact support before 72 hours have passed on your refund request as you may not receive a reply.



Buyer is not releasing Cotswold Escrow escrow, I need my escrow released.

If you believe the buyer has received the item and you need Cotswold Escrow to release your escrow, please submit an escrow release request. Escrow release requests must meet the following conditions:

Transaction must be older than 4 business days

Provide proof that you’ve shipped the item (tracking number/URL)

Item is physical item

If your item is digital, we would only be able to release escrow two weeks after the purchase date.

Cotswold Escrow will only release escrow as they see fit. We may reject the escrow release request if we believe that the item or the seller may be high risk.



My escrow was released to the seller although I did not release escrow?

Cotswold Escrow may release escrow to the seller if they deem the transaction, the item, and the seller low risk. When Cotswold Escrow releases escrow we still cover the buyer for the duration of 30 days and would issue a full refund if a refund request is logged and we ruled in the buyer’s favor.



How do I know my coins are safe with you?

All payments will be deposited into Cotswold Escrow wallets, fees are automatically deducted and coins sent straight to the seller. In case of an escrow, coins are transferred straight to our offline wallets where they will be transferred to a cold wallet until the reception of the item is confirmed by the buyer.



How much are your Fees and Charges?

Seller Fees: 0

Buyer Fees: 2.5% 



How to request an escrow refund? Am I eligible?

To be eligible for a refund, you need to deposit the payment for the product tat you want to buy it. If you’ve used escrow and never received your item, received the wrong item or your item was damaged, you can email us an ask for “Escrow Refund” ticket with our support team who will be happy to assist you with that. When an “Escrow Refund” ticket is logged, we expect the buyer to include all available evidence to support their request.

Cotswold Escrow will only look into refund requests if the refund is being made due to it being the seller’s fault. We will not refund the buyer because they’ve changed their mind after receiving the product, because they’ve accidentally bought the wrong product, or because they found the product cheaper somewhere else.

If your refund request falls under one of the 3 reasons mentioned above, please contact the seller to cancel the sale and you will be able to refund your coins back to your wallet.



How much time do I have to pay for an item I won and what happens if I don’t pay?

You are expected to pay for the item in full within 24 hours after the escrow process was start, in the case that you are unable to pay for the item for whatever reason, it’s your responsibility to notify the seller or Cotswold Escrow, failing to do that, the escrow process will be cancelled.



I sent my items and the buyer didn’t release escrow funds. Now what?

In the event that the buyer can no longer be contacted and you (the seller) believe that the item has been delivered, you can submit a release escrow ticket to us and include the proof of shipment (tracking number/URL).

Escrow release are subject to manual processing and can be released/declined by Cotswold Escrow staff. In the event that your escrow release has been declined, the funds will be released 30 days after the purchase date.

Note: If the item is digital, we would only be able to release escrow two weeks after the purchase date.



What can I do if the buyer never pays for an item?

If you do not receive an email notifying you that a payment was received for your item within 24 hours of the sale, don't ship your product to buyer.  No further action needs to be taken after that. Items will automatically be void and any funds received later than 24 hours from the buyer will be returned back to them.



I’ve sent extra coins or funds, what can I do?

When a buyer sends extra funds, any remaining amounts stay in Cotswold Escrow wallet. The amount owed to the seller will be sent and the extras are kept for the buyers to recover. Please contact us with the amount sent, the address and the extra amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

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