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Refund Policy


Buyers are expected to give sellers a minimum of 72 hours to deliver the item before they ask for a refund.

Sellers are given 72 hours to respond to a refund request, to either Agree to it or Dispute it.
If the seller agrees to the refund, buyers are immediately refunded their coins.

If the seller disputes refund, our escrow team will intervene and arbitrate the dispute. At this point we will normally ask both the buyer and the seller to provide further evidence to support their claims, before making a decision.
If the seller does not respond within the 72 hour time-frame to either agree or dispute the refund request, we will normally determine in favour of the buyer and action a refund.
Once evidence is received from both parties, Cotswold Escrow will use this, along with other information sources such as account history, feedback, prior sales etc in order to make a decision as to who should receive the funds from escrow.
By selling or buying goods using our escrow service, you agree that Cotswoldescrow.co.uk reserves the right to use its own judgement and all means at their disposal in order to arbitrate a refund request and reach a final decision.
Escrow refund decisions are final and can not be overturned.


Privacy Policy


For security reasons, all information submitted to this platform will be discretely handled.
Only alias such as usernames will be used for transactions since they are all unique.

Protect your account details with care. We won't be blamed for any bridge in your accounts since all users have sole rights to the accounts and no one else.

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Note that none of the information we collect is used for any purpose other than issues related to your transactions.
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